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Know if you have to tip Lyft drivers or Uber drivers and how much do you tip taxi drivers.

Tipping those who serve you is supposed to be a gesture of acknowledgement and thankfulness. But many a times, we get into dilemma of whether to tip driver or not. We think whether you tip Lyft driver? Do you tip Uber driver? And if we feel like we should, there comes another question – How much to tip Lyft drivers or Uber drivers.

Conventional Tipping Etiquette

Normally, if you were not using these cab-startup services and were using the old-fashioned general yellow taxis, you might have calculated 10% or 20% of the absolute fare as the driver’s tip. But now when it is the age of Uber, what do you do? How do you calculate tip for driver?

Do you have to tip Uber driver or Lyft driver?

Although, it is not termed as important or necessary anywhere, as a good gesture, you can tip Uber driver or Lyft driver. Neither in Uber, nor in Lyft, is tipping driver defined as prohibited. You even have an option to tip driver in the Lyft app.

Here is how to tip driver in Lyft.

How much do you tip a taxi driver?

You can calculate taxi driver’s tip as 15% of total fare basically.

If you need some help from the driver with your bags or luggage, $1-$2 extra sounds cool either. Less than 10% of fare for a general in-town trip sounds less for sure. So for a fare of $10, you should tip driver with $1 at least.

Here is talk about tax driver’s tipping amount at CNN.

Tipping in London

In London, tipping driver is supposed to be a good gesture. Generally, people tip around 10-15% of the fare for licensed cabs. Many a times, people round off the total fare in the value of Euros and let the driver ‘keep the change’ as the tip.

Tipping in Scotland

According to Must See Scotland, tipping isn’t in general culture. Not only to drivers, but even in bars and restaurants, tipping for service isn’t something that generally adapted in Scotland. To those who serve too, there’s hardly any expectation of getting tipped.

Tipping in Iceland

In Iceland, it is supposed to be included in the service charges, wherever applicable. It’s in the bill. However, this generally can’t be called as a tip amount and so if you wish too tip, you can. Many a times, the same 10-15% or remaining change in the nearest round-off is considered as the tip amount.

Tipping is rude in many countries [Video]

This video talks about tipping etiquette in Japan and describes why is is considered as an insult to tip in Japan.



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