get rid of fruit flies at home

Learn about causes of fruit flies and ways to get rid of fruit flies and Gnats at home.

Fruit flies often make us think about questions like where do they come from and why! It’s very annoying when your house gets full of fruit flies or Gnats and you want to get rid of those anyway ever and stay safe from fruit fly infestations.

Do fruit flies bite? No, they don’t. But they infect!

So here is how to kill fruit flies and Gnats using various ways as mentioned below.

Gnats vs Fruit Flies

Gnats and Fruit flies, both are pretty small species which mostly have similar habits. There’s not much visible difference between Gnats and Fruit Flies, however here are some of the differences are as follows –

  1. Gnats and Fruit flies have difference in size where Fruit flies are a little bigger than Gnats.
  2. Gnats and Fruit flies have difference in color – the head of fruit fly is little brownish whereas Gnats are total blacks.
  3. Gnats are found around water bodies much more likely whereas fruit flies prefer being around ripen fruits.
  4. Gnats have a little longer life cycle than Fruit flies.

Check complete Gnat and Fruit Flies differences here.

What causes Fruit flies?

Before we talk about getting rid of fruit flies, let us know where do fruit flies come from.

Fruit flies lay their eggs on moist surfaces. They normally lay eggs around 500 times every day. So in case you are wondering how to get rid of fruit flies, you need to know where do fruit flies lay their eggs.

Moist surfaces include ripen fruits,  vegetables, or other wet places with moisture like polythene bags, trashes, drains and garbage.

Source –  Mother Nature Network

Why are there so many fruit flies in house?

The reason why you have so many fruit flies in house is that you have enough moist surfaces for fruit flies to lay their eggs on. Before getting rid of fruit flies, you need to get rid of their eggs. For this, you need to keep moist areas regularly clean or try to keep those as less as possible.

Keep ripen fruit safe in refrigerators.

Clean your sinks, drains and garbage regularly to get rid of fruit flies and eggs.

Ways to kill Fruit Flies and Gnats

  1. Create Homemade Fruit Fly Trap – Using this best fruit fly trap homemade-technique, you can easily kill fruit flies and get rid of fruit flies in your home. You first need to use something that attracts fruit flies. Know what are fruit flies attracted to and use it to catch fruit flies. Then you can use the pesticide to kill those.
  2. Proper Drain Treatment – This helps you in killing fruit flies and Gnats. Drains are one of the places Gnats and fruit flies lay their eggs at and so getting rid of Gnats requires you to complete proper Drainage treatment.
  3. Use Fruit Fly Insecticides – Using insecticide for Fruit flies and Gnats also helps you in getting rid of Gnats and fruit flies easily at home

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