deleting auto backup photos from android

Guide About Deleting Google Account Auto-Backup Photos

If you have an android phone and all your photos are synchronized from Gallery to Google Photos as auto-back, it might sometimes be a pain in the body! That is why we are talking about ways to remove auto-backup photos from Picassa or Google photos in your Samsung smartphone or any other android smartphone.

Where are backup photos stored?

In Android smartphones, the primary account is the Google account which syncs all your photos to the Google photos as auto-backup photos. In many smartphones, like Moto G5 Plus, Google photos is the default gallery application, thus if you have auto-backup enables, all your photos keep getting stored in Google photos automatically.

Just visit the official Google photos account and check your backup photos there.

How to delete auto-backup pictures from Google Account?

Here is how you can delete backup pictures from Picassa or Google Photos –

  1. Go to Google Photos
  2. Now, login to your Google Account which has the photo auto-backup.
  3. Check for your desired photo album and open it.
  4. Now select your auto-backup photos
  5. Delete those and move all those photos to trash

You can later recover those photos from trash if you need. However, those auto-backup photos shall not appear in your local Samsung gallery anymore.

You can use this method to delete auto backup pictures from Samsung Duos, Samsung Galaxy, Moto android phones and all other android phones which have auto-sync option enabled.

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