where do bed bugs come from

Learn what causes Beg bugs and how bed bugs start in your home.

Bed bug infestation has various reasons and causes. However, as a measure of safety, we surely must be worried about bed bugs population in house and know the symptoms and treatment of bed bug infestation.

In this article, we are going to talk about where do bed bugs stay in house and how to prevent bed bugs using simple home techniques.

What causes bed bugs?

Bed bugs get attracted to us – Humans! And as the name says, bed bugs therefore reside in beds as they wish to get to us. They feed upon warm-blooded animals, including human beings. As a parasite, bed bugs find the beds as the perfect place to hide and shelter themselves and meanwhile feed on blood of humans.

How do you know if you have bed bugs?

To know if you have bed bugs, check for these signs or symptoms –

  1. Live Bed bugs around you in the house to begin with.
  2. Eggs or eggshells.
  3. Stains of crushed bed bugs in your bed sheet.
  4. Sign on bed bug bits in your body, specially shoulders or arms.

How do bed bugs come in your house?

There are various ways by which a bed bug might come into your house. For example, suppose you have bought a furniture with mattress in it and you are unaware whether it has bed bug infestation. Well, through that, you just invited bed bug into your house.

Now always, can you surely find out where do bed bugs came into house from. But they mostly come with other infested things.

They can also get in through purses, soft things where they can hid themselves.

They might travel from one apartment to another too.

How to get rid of bed bugs?

Check following resources to know how to kill bed bugs or get rid of those. Here are some of the most informative articles about bed bug removal methods.

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tipping drivers etiquette

Know if you have to tip Lyft drivers or Uber drivers and how much do you tip taxi drivers.

Tipping those who serve you is supposed to be a gesture of acknowledgement and thankfulness. But many a times, we get into dilemma of whether to tip driver or not. We think whether you tip Lyft driver? Do you tip Uber driver? And if we feel like we should, there comes another question – How much to tip Lyft drivers or Uber drivers.

Conventional Tipping Etiquette

Normally, if you were not using these cab-startup services and were using the old-fashioned general yellow taxis, you might have calculated 10% or 20% of the absolute fare as the driver’s tip. But now when it is the age of Uber, what do you do? How do you calculate tip for driver?

Do you have to tip Uber driver or Lyft driver?

Although, it is not termed as important or necessary anywhere, as a good gesture, you can tip Uber driver or Lyft driver. Neither in Uber, nor in Lyft, is tipping driver defined as prohibited. You even have an option to tip driver in the Lyft app.

Here is how to tip driver in Lyft.

How much do you tip a taxi driver?

You can calculate taxi driver’s tip as 15% of total fare basically.

If you need some help from the driver with your bags or luggage, $1-$2 extra sounds cool either. Less than 10% of fare for a general in-town trip sounds less for sure. So for a fare of $10, you should tip driver with $1 at least.

Here is talk about tax driver’s tipping amount at CNN.

Tipping in London

In London, tipping driver is supposed to be a good gesture. Generally, people tip around 10-15% of the fare for licensed cabs. Many a times, people round off the total fare in the value of Euros and let the driver ‘keep the change’ as the tip.

Tipping in Scotland

According to Must See Scotland, tipping isn’t in general culture. Not only to drivers, but even in bars and restaurants, tipping for service isn’t something that generally adapted in Scotland. To those who serve too, there’s hardly any expectation of getting tipped.

Tipping in Iceland

In Iceland, it is supposed to be included in the service charges, wherever applicable. It’s in the bill. However, this generally can’t be called as a tip amount and so if you wish too tip, you can. Many a times, the same 10-15% or remaining change in the nearest round-off is considered as the tip amount.

Tipping is rude in many countries [Video]

This video talks about tipping etiquette in Japan and describes why is is considered as an insult to tip in Japan.



talcum powder ovarian cancer lawsuit cases

Connection between Talcum Power and Ovarian Cancer (And Lawsuit)

Now this might sound amazing to some and probably not to others, but there are discussions that talcum powders causes Ovarian cancer and so here we are going to discuss about link of talcum power, cervical cancer (or ovarian cancer) and about lawsuits around those.

About Talcum Powder Cancer Risk

According to Cancer.org, there is a risk of cancerous effect upon using Talcum powder, not all of those, but a certain percentage of various types of Talcum powders in the market.

The website talks about the types of talcum powders by broadly dividing two types of those –

  1. Talcum powder with asbestos constituent,
  2. Talcum powder without asbestos constituent,

And justifies that only Talcum powder with asbestos has risk of spreading cancer, specifically ovarian or cervical cancer.

Does Talcum Powder cause cancer?

Yes it might.

Upon various tests, both in lab and on humans, it was found that some talcum powder exposures resulted in formation of tumor, thus giving signs that talcum powder might cause cancer in human beings either.

Even asbestos free talc, were found to have ability of causing cancer if, in case, inhaled.

How does talcum powder cause Ovarian cancer?

Now, when it comes to talk about risk of ovarian cancer because of talcum powder usage, here is what happens.

When you use talc on your genial area, particles of it sometimes go through the vaginal area to Fallopian tube and reach the ovary, thus leading to infection in ovary. This might result in causing ovarian cancer either.

Sometimes, intentional or unintentional application of Talcum powder in sanitary napkins too lead to infection of talcum powder in ovaries, causing ovarian cancer.

Talcum Powder Cancer Lawsuits

Around these years, various talcum powder cancer lawsuits came into news and some of which made to big headlines either. Some involved major market players of talcum powder, like Jhonson And Jhonson too!

Here are some of the news about talcum powder cancer lawsuits.

Jhonson And Jhonson Talcum Powder Cancer Lawsuit – Lady wins

According to a news published in USA Today, a lady with ovarian cancer was awarded $110 millions from Jhonson and Jhonson against a baby powder lawsuit.

According to jury for the verdict, Jhonson and Jhonson was said to have kept profit over people and having invested millions in manipulating scientific consequences of their product.

It was justified that the responsibility of Jhonson and Jhonson was to teach how to use baby powder to stay away from risk of cancer and that it failed in that.

According to the article, the company had already lost various cases similar to this one in which it was found that talcum powder caused cancer and Jhonson and Jhonson had to pay fine for all those cases.

Diane Berg’s 2009 lawsuit against Jhonson and Jhonson

According to Huff Post, Diane Berg was diagnosed with Ovarian cancer at the age of 49. She was a physician assistant then.She used to spray talcum powder in her underpants and that resulted in infection of cancer in her ovaries.

At that time, Jhonson and Jhonson offered her an amount of 1.3 million dollars for closing the case outside but since she was against the system of that rather than just willing to get compensation, she kept her strike on.

The New York Times, published an article about the case and wrote that Berg refused to accept payment before the trial of Talcum powder lawsuit.

There had been various other talcum powder lawsuit cases of ovarian cancer and for most of which, the giant company was found guilty and ignorant.

deleting auto backup photos from android

Guide About Deleting Google Account Auto-Backup Photos

If you have an android phone and all your photos are synchronized from Gallery to Google Photos as auto-back, it might sometimes be a pain in the body! That is why we are talking about ways to remove auto-backup photos from Picassa or Google photos in your Samsung smartphone or any other android smartphone.

Where are backup photos stored?

In Android smartphones, the primary account is the Google account which syncs all your photos to the Google photos as auto-backup photos. In many smartphones, like Moto G5 Plus, Google photos is the default gallery application, thus if you have auto-backup enables, all your photos keep getting stored in Google photos automatically.

Just visit the official Google photos account and check your backup photos there.

How to delete auto-backup pictures from Google Account?

Here is how you can delete backup pictures from Picassa or Google Photos –

  1. Go to Google Photos
  2. Now, login to your Google Account which has the photo auto-backup.
  3. Check for your desired photo album and open it.
  4. Now select your auto-backup photos
  5. Delete those and move all those photos to trash

You can later recover those photos from trash if you need. However, those auto-backup photos shall not appear in your local Samsung gallery anymore.

You can use this method to delete auto backup pictures from Samsung Duos, Samsung Galaxy, Moto android phones and all other android phones which have auto-sync option enabled.

get rid of fruit flies at home

Learn about causes of fruit flies and ways to get rid of fruit flies and Gnats at home.

Fruit flies often make us think about questions like where do they come from and why! It’s very annoying when your house gets full of fruit flies or Gnats and you want to get rid of those anyway ever and stay safe from fruit fly infestations.

Do fruit flies bite? No, they don’t. But they infect!

So here is how to kill fruit flies and Gnats using various ways as mentioned below.

Gnats vs Fruit Flies

Gnats and Fruit flies, both are pretty small species which mostly have similar habits. There’s not much visible difference between Gnats and Fruit Flies, however here are some of the differences are as follows –

  1. Gnats and Fruit flies have difference in size where Fruit flies are a little bigger than Gnats.
  2. Gnats and Fruit flies have difference in color – the head of fruit fly is little brownish whereas Gnats are total blacks.
  3. Gnats are found around water bodies much more likely whereas fruit flies prefer being around ripen fruits.
  4. Gnats have a little longer life cycle than Fruit flies.

Check complete Gnat and Fruit Flies differences here.

What causes Fruit flies?

Before we talk about getting rid of fruit flies, let us know where do fruit flies come from.

Fruit flies lay their eggs on moist surfaces. They normally lay eggs around 500 times every day. So in case you are wondering how to get rid of fruit flies, you need to know where do fruit flies lay their eggs.

Moist surfaces include ripen fruits,  vegetables, or other wet places with moisture like polythene bags, trashes, drains and garbage.

Source – https://www.mnn.com/health/healthy-spaces/questions/where-do-fruit-flies-come-from  Mother Nature Network

Why are there so many fruit flies in house?

The reason why you have so many fruit flies in house is that you have enough moist surfaces for fruit flies to lay their eggs on. Before getting rid of fruit flies, you need to get rid of their eggs. For this, you need to keep moist areas regularly clean or try to keep those as less as possible.

Keep ripen fruit safe in refrigerators.

Clean your sinks, drains and garbage regularly to get rid of fruit flies and eggs.

Ways to kill Fruit Flies and Gnats

  1. Create Homemade Fruit Fly Trap – Using this best fruit fly trap homemade-technique, you can easily kill fruit flies and get rid of fruit flies in your home. You first need to use something that attracts fruit flies. Know what are fruit flies attracted to and use it to catch fruit flies. Then you can use the pesticide to kill those.
  2. Proper Drain Treatment – This helps you in killing fruit flies and Gnats. Drains are one of the places Gnats and fruit flies lay their eggs at and so getting rid of Gnats requires you to complete proper Drainage treatment.
  3. Use Fruit Fly Insecticides – Using insecticide for Fruit flies and Gnats also helps you in getting rid of Gnats and fruit flies easily at home

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